The Arte collections contains large square laminate tiles with subtle V-grooves. They combine the durability of an original tile floor with the practical benefits of laminate.

Dark brown Arte Laminate Versailles light UF1155
Versailles light
Laminate - Arte UF1155
Dark brown Arte Laminate Versailles dark UF1549
Versailles dark
Laminate - Arte UF1549
Beige Arte Laminate Versailles white oiled UF1248
Versailles white oiled
Laminate - Arte UF1248
Beige Arte Laminate Polished concrete natural UF1246
Polished concrete natural
Laminate - Arte UF1246
White Arte Laminate Marble carrara UF1400
Marble carrara
Laminate - Arte UF1400
Beige Arte Laminate Leather tile light UF1401
Leather tile light
Laminate - Arte UF1401
Dark grey Arte Laminate Polished concrete dark UF1247
Polished concrete dark
Laminate - Arte UF1247
Dark grey Arte Laminate Leather tile dark UF1402
Leather tile dark
Laminate - Arte UF1402