Quick-Step laminate: design flooring at its best

The so-called ‘fifth wall’ in every room is often neglected but can transform your home into a well-designed masterpiece if done right. And doing things right is what Quick-Step is all about. Our in-house designers have developed wood and stone designs that look just like the real deal. Our goal? To help make your interior design dreams come true.

Laminate flooring, natural beauty in every detail

Natural beauty in every detail

Thanks to true-to-life features, our wood and stone designs offer an unmatched level of realism. Every laminate floor tells its own story. For an extra touch of authenticity, the joints even show minute cracks.

Laminate flooring, variety of beautiful patterns and colours

Variety of beautiful patterns and colours

Our designers are always looking for innovative and exciting combinations. From finding the perfect plank structure to carefully balancing colour and bevel: our collections guarantee beautiful laminate flooring to suit everyone’s tastes.

Laminate flooring, trending today, classics tomorrow

Trending today, classics tomorrow

From interior design and architecture to fashion and art: inspiration is everywhere if you know where to look. That’s why our designers are always one step ahead in creating truly timeless, future-proof laminate flooring.

It’s all about the details

Each laminate design has its own story and a unique look and feel. Quick-Step designers carefully select the structure, bevel, finishing and treatment to match the character of each floor design. After all, the details make all the difference in the world.


Laminate flooring with elegant wood structure

Elegant wood structure

A subtle surface texture with a fine grain structure that gives a wood effect with a very natural look and feel.

Laminate flooring with natural wood structure

Natural wood structure

A surface texture where the grain, knots and cracks that are visible in the design can also be felt in the surface structure of the laminate floor. This perfect combination of design and structure ensures that the floor looks and feels like real wood.

Laminate flooring with intense wood structure

Intense wood structure

This distinct structure has varying depths and gloss levels accentuating the knots and cracks. The design and surface structure is more pronounced than the natural wood structure.

Laminate flooring with stone structure

Stone structure

A surface texture that realistically displays the structure of a stone pattern.

Laminate flooring with fantasy structure

Fantasy structure

A surface texture that has the look and feel of exclusive materials such as leathers and fabrics.


Laminate flooring with large bevels

Large bevel

Distinctive grooved edges offer the look of an expansive solid plank floor.

Laminate flooring with micro bevels

Micro bevel

Fine micro-beveled edges clearly delineate the planks.

Laminate flooring with genuine bevels

Genuine bevel

The bevel is perfectly suited to the character of the floor. The colour, design and structure of the plank are visible right through the bevel.

Laminate flooring with impression bevels

Impression bevel

Effect that emphasises planks in a subtle way.


Laminate flooring with extra matt finishing

Extra matt finish

An extra matt surface look.

Laminate flooring with matt finishing

Matt finish

A matt surface look.

Laminate flooring with silk/matt finishing

Silk/matt finish

The varying gloss levels accentuate the structure of the floor.

Laminate flooring with silk finishing

Silk finish

A silk surface look.

Laminate flooring with silverfrost finishing

Silverfrost finish

A surface effect that highlights the wood grains by running a subtle silvery tone through them.


Laminate flooring with brushed surface effects


A surface effect that gives the appearance of brushed wood. The brushed treatment adds depth and authenticity to a laminate floor.

Laminate flooring with saw cuts

Saw cut

This effect gives the impression of rough sawn wood thanks to the visible and tangible saw cuts.

Laminate flooring with scraped surface treatment


A hand-scraped surface treatment gives a crafted, hand-worked finish to your floor.