Quick-Step Castello planks are characterized by a subtle V-groove on the longest edge to give more depth to the room. Whichever interior style you choose, the wide assortment of wood species, structures and finishes allows you to create an inviting atmosphere.

Light grey Castello Parquet Silk Oak Extra Matt CAS3894SU-2
Silk Oak Extra Matt
Parquet - Castello CAS3894SU-2
Dark brown Castello Parquet Sweet walnut satin CAS3444SU-2
Sweet walnut satin
Parquet - Castello CAS3444SU-2
Natural Castello Parquet Iroko bright CAS3487SU-2
Iroko bright
Parquet - Castello CAS3487SU-2
Beige Castello Parquet Cappuccino oak oiled CAS1478SU
Cappuccino oak oiled
Parquet - Castello CAS1478SU
Red Castello Parquet Merbau bright CAS3488SU-2
Merbau bright
Parquet - Castello CAS3488SU-2
White Castello Parquet Polar oak matt CAS1340SU-2
Polar oak matt
Parquet - Castello CAS1340SU-2
White Castello Parquet Luster Oak extra matt CAS4011SU-2
Luster Oak extra matt
Parquet - Castello CAS4011SU-2
Dark brown Castello Parquet Bucket Brown Oak Extra Matt CAS4831SU-2
Bucket Brown Oak Extra Matt
Parquet - Castello CAS4831SU-2
Dark brown Castello Parquet Noble walnut satin CAS1356SU-2
Noble walnut satin
Parquet - Castello CAS1356SU-2
White Castello Parquet Pure oak matt CAS1341SU-2
Pure oak matt
Parquet - Castello CAS1341SU-2
Natural Castello Parquet Natural Mystic Oak Satin CAS1337SU-2
Natural Mystic Oak Satin
Parquet - Castello CAS1337SU-2