How to install your Quick-Step Livyn floor

Quick-Step Livyn floors can be installed in two different ways: floating or glued down.

Livyn floor Installation method
Essential Click V4 Floating (i.e. without glue)
Essential Glue down
Essential V4 Glue down
Essential Pro Glue down

1. Floating installation

Thanks to their patented Uniclic system, the Livyn 'Essential Click V4' floors can be laid in a jiffy. The handy tongue and groove system allows you to lay the floor planks with a single 'click' and without any glue or other materials. For maximum installation comfort, the Uniclic system offers you two installation methods.

Method 1: rotate and click

Simply click the panels into each other along the long and the short side of the plank.

Method 2: horizontal insertion

Ideal for awkward corners. Unlike most other floors, Livyn planks can also be joined together horizontally. This is very handy when you get to install the last row of panels or in places where it is difficult or even impossible to rotate the panels (underneath door frames or heating units, for example).

2. Glued down installation

You can also use the traditional 'glue down' method if you want. This method does not require expansion joints or skirting boards. Simply use the dedicated Quick-Step Livyn Glue.

Quick-Step Livyn Glue

The Quick-Step Livyn Glue is a high-quality glue that was specially developed for our Quick-Step Livyn floors in conjunction with renowned glue specialist Soudal.

Why use Quick-Step Livyn Glue?

  • It's perfectly suitable for underfloor heating and/or cooling 
  • It spreads easily and can be laid immediately 
  • It guarantees fast adhesion and optimum strength 
  • It doesn't run out after spreading 
  • It provides the best dimensional stability in the market despite its elasticity 
  • It prevents gaps due to temperature differences 
  • It's damp-proof

Quick-Step Installation Set

The Quick-Step installation set contains everything you need to rapidly install your Livyn floor without damaging it. It is specifically intended for floating installations. The set includes:

  • a tapping block; 
  • adjustable spacers (to make sure you get the expansion joints right); 
  • a metal crowbar.

Watch the video

See for yourself how easy it is to install a Quick-Step Livyn floor in our installation video.

  • Installation video floating installation.
  • Installation video glue down installation.

Download installation instructions

  • Essential
  • Essential V4
  • Essential Pro
  • Essential Click V4