Ever considered combining your floor with underfloor heating? With Quick-Step, it's possible! All our laminate, wood* and vinyl floors are perfectly suited for underfloor heating. If you follow the installation instructions, you can enjoy the maximum comfort of a warm and cosy flooring. Say goodbye to cold feet!

*With the exception of ash and beech

Laminate floors and floor heating

All Quick-Step laminate floors can be used in combination with ‘low temperature’ underfloor heating. Always make sure that you install your laminate flooring ‘floating’ and make sure to pick the right underlay.

Vinyl floors and floor heating

Vinyl is an excellent thermal conductor, and therefore particularly suitable for installation over ‘low temperature’ underfloor heating. There is something for everyone in our Livyn luxury vinyl collections.

Wood floors and floor heating

Our wood flooring — with the exception of ash and beech — is also compatible with underfloor heating. There are two ways to lay it: floors can either be glued down or laid ‘floating’. The choice is yours!