Impressive is a collection of laminate floors that excels in looking and feeling exceptionally natural. These floors are fully watertight.

Light grey Impressive Laminate Saw cut oak grey IM1858
Saw cut oak grey
Laminate - Impressive IM1858
White Impressive Laminate White planks IM1859
White planks
Laminate - Impressive IM1859
Beige Impressive Laminate Classic oak beige IM1847
Classic oak beige
Laminate - Impressive IM1847
Dark brown Impressive Laminate Espresso Walnut IM3439
Espresso Walnut
Laminate - Impressive IM3439
Natural Impressive Laminate Classic oak natural IM1848
Classic oak natural
Laminate - Impressive IM1848
Light grey Impressive Laminate Patina Classic oak grey IM3560
Patina Classic oak grey
Laminate - Impressive IM3560
Natural Impressive Laminate Natural varnished oak IM3106
Natural varnished oak
Laminate - Impressive IM3106
Beige Impressive Laminate Patina Classic oak light IM3559
Patina Classic oak light
Laminate - Impressive IM3559
Beige Impressive Laminate Soft oak light IM1854
Soft oak light
Laminate - Impressive IM1854
Black Impressive Laminate Burned planks IM1862
Burned planks
Laminate - Impressive IM1862
Dark grey Impressive Laminate Soft oak grey IM3558
Soft oak grey
Laminate - Impressive IM3558
Natural Impressive Laminate Soft oak natural IM1855
Soft oak natural
Laminate - Impressive IM1855
Beige Impressive Laminate Soft oak medium IM1856
Soft oak medium
Laminate - Impressive IM1856
Beige Impressive Laminate White varnished oak IM3105
White varnished oak
Laminate - Impressive IM3105
Dark brown Impressive Laminate Classic oak brown IM1849
Classic oak brown
Laminate - Impressive IM1849
Dark brown Impressive Laminate Scraped oak grey brown IM1850
Scraped oak grey brown
Laminate - Impressive IM1850
Beige Impressive Laminate Soft oak light brown IM3557
Soft oak light brown
Laminate - Impressive IM3557
Beige Impressive Laminate Sandblasted oak natural IM1853
Sandblasted oak natural
Laminate - Impressive IM1853
Beige Impressive Laminate Natural pine IM1860
Natural pine
Laminate - Impressive IM1860