“Wood for Life” technology for parquet floors

Your interior changes over the years,
our parquet is always like new

thanks to Wood for Life

Wood for Life: authentic beauty for a lifetime

Floors have to withstand a lot. Everyone goes through it: mud, chocolate sauce, wine and other dirt on your beautiful wood flooring. But isn’t there a way of protecting your floor from these intruders? With “Wood for Life” there is. This technology ensures that the beautiful, authentic look of your floor stays with you.

Discover all floors with “Wood for Life”

Wood for Life: innovative protection for your parquet

After 50 odd cleans, dirt will start to accumulate in the pores of a traditional parquet floor. It’s unavoidable. Unless you opt for parquet with “Wood for Life”. This innovative protective layer prevents dirt from getting into the wood and helps to preserve its as-new look for years. Helping your parquet floor gleam for years to come has never been so easy.

Without Wood for Life

With Wood for Life

Parquet floor with Quick-Step “Wood for Life” technology

Discover all floors with Wood for Life:

Natural Villa Parquet Iroko bright VIL3487SU
Iroko bright
Parquet - Villa VIL3487SU
Red Villa Parquet Merbau bright VIL3488SU
Merbau bright
Parquet - Villa VIL3488SU
Light grey Castello Parquet Silk Oak Extra Matt CAS3894SU-2
Silk Oak Extra Matt
Parquet - Castello CAS3894SU-2
Dark brown Castello Parquet Sweet walnut satin CAS3444SU-2
Sweet walnut satin
Parquet - Castello CAS3444SU-2
Natural Castello Parquet Iroko bright CAS3487SU-2
Iroko bright
Parquet - Castello CAS3487SU-2
Dark brown Villa Parquet Ginger Brown walnut bright VIL4010SU
Ginger Brown walnut bright
Parquet - Villa VIL4010SU
Red Castello Parquet Merbau bright CAS3488SU-2
Merbau bright
Parquet - Castello CAS3488SU-2
Dark brown Disegno Parquet Lush brown oak extra matt DIS5402SF4
Lush brown oak extra matt
Parquet - Disegno DIS5402SF4
Sweet Brown Oak Extra Matt
Parquet - Compact COM5510PU
Sweet Brown Oak Extra Matt
Parquet - Compact Performance COMP5510PU
Iris Grey Oak Extra Matt
Parquet - Compact Performance COMP5483PU
Dark brown Palazzo Parquet Antique Oak Extra Matt PAL4832SU-2
Antique Oak Extra Matt
Parquet - Palazzo PAL4832SU-2
Dark grey Disegno Parquet Manhattan Grey Oak Matt DIS5673SF4
Manhattan Grey Oak Matt
Parquet - Disegno DIS5673SF4
White Massimo Parquet Frozen Oak Extra Matt MAS3562SU-2
Frozen Oak Extra Matt
Parquet - Massimo MAS3562SU-2
White Palazzo Parquet Snow white oak extra matt PAL3884SU-2
Snow white oak extra matt
Parquet - Palazzo PAL3884SU-2
Dark grey Palazzo Parquet Manhattan Grey Oak Matt PAL5621SU
Manhattan Grey Oak Matt
Parquet - Palazzo PAL5621SU
White Villa Parquet Sugar Oak matt VIL1749SU
Sugar Oak matt
Parquet - Villa VIL1749SU
White Castello Parquet Polar oak matt CAS1340SU-2
Polar oak matt
Parquet - Castello CAS1340SU-2
Natural Palazzo Parquet Natural mystic oak matt PAL1336SU-2
Natural mystic oak matt
Parquet - Palazzo PAL1336SU-2
White Castello Parquet Luster Oak extra matt CAS4011SU-2
Luster Oak extra matt
Parquet - Castello CAS4011SU-2
White Palazzo Parquet Icy White Oak Matt PAL4830SU-2
Icy White Oak Matt
Parquet - Palazzo PAL4830SU-2
Dark brown Disegno Parquet Urban Walnut Extra Matt DIS5622SF4
Urban Walnut Extra Matt
Parquet - Disegno DIS5622SF4
Light grey Massimo Parquet Heavy Snow Oak Extra Matt MAS4825SU-2
Heavy Snow Oak Extra Matt
Parquet - Massimo MAS4825SU-2
Dark brown Disegno Parquet Light walnut oak satin DIS5406SF4
Light walnut oak satin
Parquet - Disegno DIS5406SF4