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How to finish your vinyl floor

Finishing your Alpha Vinyl floor

To make your new floor uniquely ‘you’, we’ve got a range of options available that enable you to finish your project in style: from matching skirting boards and profiles to instructions on how to add vinyl to your stairs to achieve that unified look. Here’s everything you need to know to get all the details right!


Step-by-step guide

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STEP 1: Install your skirting boards

For every Alpha Vinyl floor there’s a skirting board that perfectly matches its design. Installing your skirtings is easy:

  1. Start by measuring the corners of your room
  2. Use a circular saw to cut the skirting boards to the right angle
  3. Put glue onto each skirting board and press it firmly in place
  4. Make them perfectly waterproof with the dedicated Hydrostrip

STEP 2: Add profiles

Finishing profiles serve multiple purposes: they help level height differences, let you combine flooring types, and are sometimes needed in larger rooms. Luckily, all Quick-Step finishing profiles are easy to install without breaking a sweat. Depending on your taste, go for our perfectly colour-matched 5-in-1 Incizo profile, or pick one of our aluminium profiles.

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STEP 3: Get all the details right

“Something’s not quite right yet.” You know the feeling. Give your room the finishing touch it deserves by adding our radiator covers. Or, use the Kit to finish up the places where you cannot install skirting boards.

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STEP 4: Finish your stairs

Want to go all the way? Consider adding the luxurious appeal of your new Alpha Vinyl floor to your stairs. Here’s how you do it:

  • Remove all the old floor covering and make sure your stairs are clean and level.
  • Saw your planks to the dimensions of each step’s vertical side.
  • Glue the cut plank to the vertical side
  • Place an aluminium profile on the edge of the stairs and firmly screw it into place.
  • Saw your planks to size to cover each step and glue them down, making sure they fit snugly against the vertical side.
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat – depending on the number of stairs. 

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A watertight finish in 5 easy steps

Creating a watertight finish is super easy. Follow the steps on the right for Alpha Vinyl that’s ready for splashes, moisture, and all the bathroom fun your kids could ever want. It can take a good cleaning too, with water and our Quick-Step Cleaning product!

Step 1

Install your underlay.

Step 2

Install your Alpha Vinyl floor. Provide an 8 mm expansion gap between walls and floor.

Step 3

Install a foamstrip between the wall and your floor.

Step 4

Apply the hydrokit on top of the foamstrip.

Step 5

Install your colour-matched skirting. Time to enjoy your brand-new floor!

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