How to perfectly finish your vinyl floor

Want to add a unique look to your new floor? There are tons of options available for you to complete the picture. Select matching skirting boards or finishing profiles and awe your guests with your eye for detail. As if our luxury vinyl floors aren’t eye-catching enough!

Why choose Quick-Step skirting boards and profiles?

Perfect match skirting and profiles

A perfect match

Every Quick-Step Livyn floor has a skirting board and profile that perfectly matches or complements its unique design.
Vinyl flooring is ideal for renovation

Stain, scratch, and water-resistant

A high-tech layer with stain, scratch, and water-resistant capabilities ensures that the skirting boards and profiles can handle the rough and tumble of everyday life. This layer also makes Livyn floors suitable for rooms with high moisture levels, like bathrooms and kitchens.
Vinyl flooring is ideal for renovation

Easy to install

All Quick-Step skirting boards and profiles are developed in-house to ensure easy installation.

Skirting boards to match your style

Thanks to our wide-ranging collection, you’ll always find a skirting board that matches your floor, taste and style. What’s more, every skirting board has been quality tested and comes with a complete Quick-Step guarantee.

QSPSKR4PAINT Laminate Accessories Paintable Skirting Board QSPSKR4PAINT
Paintable Skirting Board
Matches in height and width with the flexible paintable skirting, enables you to finish the rest of the room in the same style.
2400 x 14 x 40 mm

Profiles for that perfect finish

Bridging height differences between floorings? Finishing stairs or steps? It’s easy like 1-2-3 with these profiles.

QSGLUE290 Laminate Accessories One4All Glue QSGLUE290
One4All Glue
This multifunctional One4All glue is specifically developed for all applications with the Quick-Step solutions. It is perfect for quick and firm fixing of all the skirting boards to the wall, and for use with the Quick-Step Incizo profile and its sub-profiles.
290 ml
QSPRSILV Laminate Accessories Multifunctional Profile Silver QSPRSILV
Multifunctional Profile Silver
Profile in wear-resistant aluminium to bridge height differences from 0 to 12.3 mm. To be used for instance between 2 Quick-Step laminate floors, between 2 Livyn floors, or between a laminate or Livyn floor and another lower or higher floor. Patent pending.
1860 x 47 x 16 mm

More finishing accessories

Still have the feeling something’s missing? Try these accessories for that much-coveted extra touch.

QSKIT Laminate Accessories Kit QSKIT14
This elastic, acrylic-based paste is the ideal solution for those spots where you cannot install skirting boards or profiles. It’s available in a colour fitting your floor. Average usage: 1 tube per 30 m² room.
310 ml
QSRCINOX15 Laminate Accessories Radiator Cover Stainless Steel (diam. 15mm) QSRCINOX15
Radiator Cover Stainless Steel (diam. 15mm)
Properly finish pipes and heating elements. Available in inside diameter size 15 mm and 22 mm.
diameter 15 mm
QSRCINOX22 Laminate Accessories Radiator Cover Stainless Steel (diam. 22mm) QSRCINOX22
Radiator Cover Stainless Steel (diam. 22mm)
Properly finish pipes and heating elements. Available in inside diameter size 15 mm and 22 mm.
diameter 22 mm
QSKITTRANSP Laminate Accessories Hydrokit QSKITTRANSP
The Quick‑Step Hydrokit is a transparent silicone for an invisible and waterproof finishing of skirting boards, profiles,… A perfect solution in combination with the Quick-Step waterproof ranges! In order to achieve the 10 year wet area warranty applicable on those ranges you must use the Hydrokit and PE Foam as per the installation instructions.
310 ml

Videos about finishing

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